Candy Boxes is manufacturing the CANDY BOXES to pack the candy in a such Box for display and merchandise in shops or shopping mall for business activities. Candy boxes having in many versatile with very acceptable color schemes and designs. It can be grove edges of the Candy Box top flap and bottom or around the box will be grove for good looking counter display. At the top of the flap the lock can be installed for more safety of Candy Box. The word of Candy Boxes belongs to the European community as well as they are the pioneer of this product and such product took very amazing place around the world. The Candy Boxes are to be prepared by cardboard, blackboard, choromo card and we prefer to the requirement of honorable clients. The Candy Box can be printed inner side or outside for an effective look with a sense of business. The first Candy Box introduced by one of the French printing company, because Candy and other production of candies by France and England. Therefor Packaging Spot have this opportunity to introduce such items to the trading community for the packing of Candy products. We have been designing department, which they can coordinate with our honorable client to have more option for above mentioned item Candy Boxes.

The Candy Boxes can be unique and antique by many versatile to be represented at the occasions of birthday or wedding ceremony and any faction to represent the gift with the packing of Candy Box. Candy Boxes can be manufactured with any size, either minimum or maximum sizes will be possible to achieve the target of business challenge with the market.

The Candy Boxes are prepared with any staple pin, because staple pin can damage the packed item in Cady Boxes, therefore; we always prefer to have adhesive gum to join the solid edges of Candy Boxes. The small size of Candy Box will be possible to have handles to carry comfortably. The PACKAGING SPOT can manufacture the Candy Boxes in any shape either different type of carton or jam and jerry etc.

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